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Item # 1020, Pultruded Fiberglass Square Tubes

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Pultruded glass fiber reinforced structural shapes and plate have a number of significant advantages over materials such as timber, steel, and aluminum in many structural, electrical, and environmental applications. Pultruded fiberglass is highly corrosion resistent and will not rot or decay and is not susceptible to insect attack. Unlike wood, fiberglass requires no environmentally unfriendly preservatives or repellants, does not absorb any significant amount of water and is consistent in strength and appearance piece-to-piece (no culling). Pultruded fiberglass is stronger, more rigid and lighter weight than structural timber. Pultruded glass fiber reinforced structural shapes and plate are electrically and thermally non-conductive, impact resistant, and EMI/RFI transparent.



4 in

Wall Thickness

1/8 in

Weight/Material Length

1.511 lb/ft

Compression Strength

30000 psi

Ultimate Flexural Strength, LW

30000 psi

Ultimate Flexural Strength, CW

10000 psi

Modulous of Elasticity, LW

2.5E6 psi

Modulous of Elasticity, CW

0.8E6 psi

Thermal Coefficient of Expansion

4.4E6 ppm/°F


Engineering Features
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Mechanical Properties
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Physical Properties
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Pultrusion Markets Brochure
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Design Tolerance Properties
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